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EVH Guitars For Sale

EVH Guitars For Sale or Trades (for anything I can use)
I had these in another post, but it got way too cluttered. I am interested in selling or trading all of these. Trade that I would consider: Guitars, Amps, Wireless systems, Mics, Mixers, Power Amps, Effects, Laptops, PCs, LCD monitors… Make offers. If it interests me I will consider it.

ALL parts will be included unless noted (all cavity covers, hardware, tremolo bars) No suprises.

1. Custom made strat w/alder body and maple neck. NO PICKGUARD OR PICKUPS. All parts were brand new before painting. These are generic aftermarket. The guitar will come with everything you need (tuners, bridge, tremolo bar, etc) except for the pickups and pickguard. The paint is not perfect, but looks good. This one is white with black stripes. $125 shipped or trades/negotiable. I can also relic this one if buyer prefers. (no extra charge)

2. Custom made relic’d EVH strat. SOLD

3. Peavey Nitro USA painted like Eddies Frankie 2. (Yellow and black) This guitar was made in the USA some time in the 80s. Neck and frets are awesome. This body only had one paint chip before I repainted it a while back. Single Humbucker just like EVH, Killer Kahler USA tremolo with bar. Original Peavey USA pickup. Paint looks kiler in my opinion. $250 shipped paypal’ed, money order, or trade. I may part this one out also. Kahler alone sells for $100 used on the bay.