Frankenstein Guitar Specs


I have done a lot of thinking and I have decided to make a replica of eddie van halen’s frankenstein. I will not be using the same pickups, neck, or bridge as the frankenstein though. I am going to get a HSS strat body and put a Dimebucker in the bridge, (I already bought it so don’t try to talk me out of it) an empty space in the middle pickup cavity, and the neck pickup from the harmony in the neck but I won’t wire it in because EVH just had a dummy pickup in the neck. Before I put in all the electronics I will paint the body like the frankenstein and put all of the holes and scratches that he has on his. I will also put on the same pickguard, tone knob, strap holders, and schaller mini tuners. If anyone has done an exact replica of the frankenstein guitar please reply or PM me to tell me about it.

Here is an overview of the specs it will have:

Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan Dimebucker
Middle Pickup: Empty pickup cavity
Neck Pickup: Unwired Harmony Pickup
Bridge: Standard Stratocaster Tremolo or a Wilkinson (please give your opinions on the Wilkinson)
Neck: Probably the neck I got from the Harmony guitar or a maple neck like EVH had if the Harmony neck doesn’t work out.
Tuners: Schaller Mini Tuners
Paintjob: EVH Red Black and White

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