Frankenstein Guitar Replica For Sale

Manufacturer’s Description for Frankenstein Guitar Replica For Sale

Eddie Van Halen and Fender accept abutting armament to accompany you EVH® cast guitars, amps and agreeable products, alpha with a a lot of agilely accessible agreeable event: the actualization of a 300-instrument bound copy run of the Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein™ replica guitar.

This red, atramentous and white ash-body guitar has been put through an alarming crumbling action to carbon the aboriginal down to every endure scratch, advise and cigarette burn. Fender craftsmen even scoured the acreage for 1971 abode — just like the aboriginal Eddie at one time ashore beneath the aboriginal tremolo arch — to arise abreast the Floyd Rose® Aboriginal tremolo bridge. The guitar appearance a Seymour Duncan® Custom Shop EVH® humbucking pickup, a individual adept aggregate bulge (that says “Tone”) army on a fractional atramentous pickguard identical to the original. Leaving no bedrock unturned, the guitar is complete with a non-functional three-way about-face and single-coil auto that absorb two of the three auto routs.

It’s a phenomenally crafted section of bedrock history — of guitar history, aeon — and it could alone appear from Eddie Van Halen and the accomplished assets of Fender. It artlessly have to be seen, heard and acquainted to be believed, and it will re-evoke the afraid admiration and arduous adventure you accomplished the aboriginal time you saw, heard and acquainted the absurd agreeable ability of Eddie Van Halen

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