Left Handed Frankenstein Guitar

I have a Warmoth ash body that has never had a neck attached. It was only grain filled, primed and painted. I skipped the sanding sealer step so there is grain showing. The finish is an amateur job. Please contact me to request pictures.

Here are the specs of this body:



Floyd Rose Original Route

SSS top route custom-routed Frankenstein style

Top Jack Route

Standard Heel

Angled Neck Pocket (no neck shiming required)

Pre-drilled for 11-hole pickguard

I researched the specs of the Frankenstein guitar and these specs match it.

Contact me with an email address for more pics.

Please note that this sale is for the body only, I have some other parts that I would be willing to sell as well, as I discontinued the project. I have a reflector set, a fender custom shop single coil pickup, a semi-reliced five way switch (with the correct look), a kramer neck plate, a black pickguard cut and drilled like the one in Eddie’s Frankenstein and a single pickup cover with a red fiber decal to resemble to pickup on the original.

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