Okay….again, we’re jumping ahead, but after spraying the red and clear, I got excited, so I just spent hours in the garage putting it all together.  It’s become the guitar that I truly want it to be.  The only thing that remains unfinished is the neck plate.  My jeweler’s stamps haven’t arrived yet, so it still has no serial number on it.  That will be fixed as soon as my numerical punches get here.  This guitar plays like A DREAM.  It has low action, and that VEH pickup screams.  It truly, truly IS the Early VH Brown Sound.  It sounds fabulous.  After getting it all put together, I put the reflectors on it, making sure to break one exactly as Ed’s is broken, and leaving the remained of the sticky backing on the guitar.  I then rubbed it with dark lint to dirty it sufficiently.  The rusting went excellent.  I tried everything to get the switch and other parts to rust, to no avail.  Finally, I put the parts in bleach, and they rusted COMPLETELY in less than 10 hours.  The results look very authentic.  The cigarette burns on the headstock and the relicing of the body were especially fun.  If you guys EVER have any questions or comments about this project, feel free to email me or leave comments here.  I welcome them.  This was a great project, and I doubt it’s my last.

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