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The Van Halen Brown Sound is one of the most sought after sounds in Rock guitar.. Many have the opinion that we at have nailed the tone, and we prove that on the countless Van Halen-style based guitar lesson example tracks that we produce for our Van Halen-style guitar lessons, in particular our popular “Vh’izing Cover Songs” & “Vh’izing Original Songs” online guitar lesson series’.

All that said, the Van Halen Brown Sound is a key element and obvious first step in sounding like Eddie Van Halen. Let me first say that you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive equipment or even have exactly what Eddie uses to get a really good VH Brown sound. Just some basic equipment and some common sense analysis of what the Brown Sound actually is should be all you need. Through some song examples (see right side of this page) and some basic EQ formulas I’m going to share some tips with you here on this page for dialing in a good Brown Sound. I’m going to keep this page very simple and to the point, you can elaborate on your own.

Now as a disclaimer let me just say that the best I can do is offer you how I get the sound and ask you to keep in mind that there are many variables that affect one’s guitar tone such as, the climate you live in, the strings you’re using, the room you play in, yada yada the list goes on and on. Any settings I give are simply suggestions and should be used as a “GUIDELINE” only. Some tweaking of these settings will more than likely be required on your part. With that, let’s begin. Also for those of you not familiar with my work at over the past decade or my work in the entertainment industry over the past 2 decades there are a few song (mp3) links from Van Halen-style guitar lesson content as proof of concept examples in the Vh-style song tracks section on the right hand side of this page.

Be sure to check out the Van Halen-style based guitar lessons on my main website. In those lessons I teach you the style so that you can actually play like Eddie Van Halen, and hopefully incorporate some of his style into your own music and innovate off of it ideally. It’s not about actual Van Halen songs and you just playing VH covers, it’s about the style. As we’ve been proving for more than a decade at evhfrankensteinguitar.com, the Van Halen guitar style a great learning tool, it stands on its own and can be used to make your whammy bar attack, riffs, and solos even more expressive.

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