Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein relic

FENDER USA Frankenstein Eddie Van Halen
Relic’d guitar for Sale. $ 199.00 or BEST OFFER. I’ll even throw in a Fender
gig bag and guitar strap. The neck is superb and great tone!~ Set is great. Contact 704-782-4589 Pick-Up Just 5 minutes from Concord Mills Mall, Concord, NC.
Bring your own amp to try out..you won’t be disappointed History Lesson:
Fender USA California Company
went to a radical ARROW styled guitar headstock in the late 70s and early
80s! Arrow, Swinger, Musiclander., and Starcaster were the guitars made and
assembled with US made standard strat bodies and other body shapes with a half rounded cut out at the bottom of the guitar. They were created in the Custom shop and after 4 years of production they stopped production of these guitars.My guitar was the black strat that was customized to a Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein Replica Guitar
FOR SALE: $ 199.00 REPLICA or BEST OFFER. My “Frankenstrat” Fender guitar has a beautiful maple neck with the skunk stripe on the back (wood insert cover for the truss rod inside the neck). The luthier has the finish on this guitar to have that worn in relic‚Äôd appearance. It has
been on the road. This guitar is very similar to Eddie’s. It has one volume
control that’s wired to all 3 single coil pickups which work perfectly. No
Tone controls. As in Eddie’s guitar, this Fender USA guitar body was
originally all black with 3 ply pick guard and then with random masking tape
was hand painted with bicycle paint red and white stripes i.e.,
“Frankenstein” styled with the three-toned look that has become so famous.
The 5 blade Fender pickup selector switch works perfectly in all 5
positions. Maple arrow head pointed headstock neck mimics Charvel and
Kramer. The Guitar is a USA Fender Starcaster that has sold recently sold on
E-bay & eBay for $ 300 or more. The tremolo system needs the actual whammy
bar which you can order or pickup at any local guitar store. Look Closely at
my guitar headstock then look at the new CASPER guitar headstock, it’s
almost identical to CASPER guitar technologies check them out.

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