EVH Frankenstein-Guitar Center

i had EVH Frankenstein-Guitar Center install this EVH Pickup,the sound is Amazing,when you play a lead solo ,the notes are so so clear with great clarity and tone,but most important great distortion,you get a real PRO Sound,it doesnt matter if you like van halen the sound is just awesome for playing any kind of music,the tone is the best i ever heard on any guitar im playing it on amplitube 3 and it kicks butt,amplitube 3 sounds awesome with this pick up you do hard metal to verry soft rock it sounds great,im more than 100% pleased, its that good, i played 7 1/2 hrs straight and didnt want to stop it was that good ,tune down to D tuning it is killer for thrash or zake wyld sound,the best part was when i did apashia from Europe the tone for the solo was so clear, i couldnt believe the sound i was getting ,i did boston it sounded excellent,i did easy lover from phil collins it was perfect distortion, this pickup is the best you wont come even close getting a muddy sound in amplitube3 with this pickupjust pure great tone

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