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EVH Frankenstein

Eddie Van Halen and Fender have joined forces to bring you EVH® brand guitars, amps and musical products, beginning with a most eagerly awaited musical event: the unveiling of a 300-instrument limited edition run of the EVH Frankenstein™ replica guitar.

This red, black and white ash-body guitar has been put through an astounding aging process to replicate the original down to every last scratch, ding and cigarette burn. Fender craftsmen even scoured the land for 1971 quarters — just like the original Eddie at one time stuck under the original tremolo bridge — to mount near the Floyd Rose® Original tremolo bridge. The guitar features a Seymour Duncan® Custom Shop EVH® humbucking pickup, a single master volume knob (that says “Tone”) mounted on a partial black pickguard identical to the original. Leaving no stone unturned, the guitar is complete with a non-functional three-way switch and single-coil pickup that occupy two of the three pickup routs.

It’s a phenomenally crafted piece of rock history — of guitar history, period — and it could only come from Eddie Van Halen and the talented resources of Fender. It simply must be seen, heard and felt to be believed, and it will re-evoke the awestruck wonder and sheer thrill you experienced the first time you saw, heard and felt the incredible musical power of Eddie Van Halen.

EVH Guitars For Sale

EVH Guitars For Sale or Trades (for anything I can use)
I had these in another post, but it got way too cluttered. I am interested in selling or trading all of these. Trade that I would consider: Guitars, Amps, Wireless systems, Mics, Mixers, Power Amps, Effects, Laptops, PCs, LCD monitors… Make offers. If it interests me I will consider it.

ALL parts will be included unless noted (all cavity covers, hardware, tremolo bars) No suprises.

1. Custom made strat w/alder body and maple neck. NO PICKGUARD OR PICKUPS. All parts were brand new before painting. These are generic aftermarket. The guitar will come with everything you need (tuners, bridge, tremolo bar, etc) except for the pickups and pickguard. The paint is not perfect, but looks good. This one is white with black stripes. $125 shipped or trades/negotiable. I can also relic this one if buyer prefers. (no extra charge)

2. Custom made relic’d EVH strat. SOLD

3. Peavey Nitro USA painted like Eddies Frankie 2. (Yellow and black) This guitar was made in the USA some time in the 80s. Neck and frets are awesome. This body only had one paint chip before I repainted it a while back. Single Humbucker just like EVH, Killer Kahler USA tremolo with bar. Original Peavey USA pickup. Paint looks kiler in my opinion. $250 shipped paypal’ed, money order, or trade. I may part this one out also. Kahler alone sells for $100 used on the bay.

EVH Guitars

This site is for Wolfgangs but after much consideration I have decided to add a section on the Music Man EVH because the fact is that the Wolfgang owes its heritage to this fantastic guitar. The Custom Shop Wolfgangs are now even more collectable due to the fact there were far fewer produced and the variety in the custom shop offerings far surpasses anything that Music Man ever did with their EVH guitar. However, there are too many production model Wolfgangs produced for them to become highly collectable (except for the first year quilt top), in my humble opinion – of course!

The quality of the tops on the Music Man EVH guitars are fantastic making them some of the most beautiful guitars ever produced for this type of guitar. Based on my extensive experience with both I don’t think the quality of the overall guitar is nearly as good as the Wolfgang. They don’t hold up nearly as well. The quality of the tops was very consistent throughout the production life of this guitar and there the EVH Music Man is far superior. There are also quite a few beautiful colors to choose from. The guitar itself is very similar to the Wolfgang in many ways but to me has a little higher pitched tone and a slightly brighter sound that corresponds more to the earlier EVH sound, while the Wolfgang has a “warmer” tone. This makes sense when you consider the evolution of the VH sound. I am open to other descriptions but this is the best way I can think of to state the difference. The neck on the Music Man is slightly smaller being 1-9/16″ at the nut and the Wolfgang 1-5/8″. So as far as which guitar is better when it comes to tone…… I would think that totally depends on which tone you like. I can’t really see liking one and hating the other. They are just too similar. I can see liking one just a little better. I like them both. After all, why decide on just one when you can have them both? My favorite though is the Wolfgang. And overall I go for the warmer Wolfgang tone. I also find the Wolfgang much more comfortable to play, which is surprising considering how similar the guitars are. And again, in my opinion the overall quality of the Wolfgangs is much better. They hold up better.

Production Figures – According to someone who should know at Music Man, they produced approximately 6000 of these guitars from approximately January of 1990 to September of 1995 when the last one rolled out the door. The estimate was about 1,200 per year although that would put the number closer to 7,000. This is a recently provided number. They don’t give out an exact number. I personally believe it is a little higher than this when you look at the serial number run but that is nothing more than my guess.

How Rare is the Color? The most common colors are red, gold (amber), blue and purple with about 1400 of each. This includes the stop tails as approximately 200 of the red, purple and amber were stop tails (about 600 total of these). There are about 600 trans black and 600 sunburst. I am not sure on the Natural but I would say 400 is a good guess. They only made about 200 pink. Green is said to be the third rarest color with 96 total pieces produced. The rarest color is solid black at 16 pieces, followed by solid gold at 26 pieces. These figures come from a very knowledgeable collector who got them from Music Man years ago and from another collector who for the most part had the same figures. I can’t say for sure that they are correct but I think they are at least close.

Serial Number Surprise – The serial numbers on the Music Man guitars are NOT consecutive. You can’t tell the day, month and year the guitar was produced by looking at the serial number. The reason is that MM had the serial number plates produced all at once and they came back from the supplier out of order and MM didn’t think it was worthwhile to put them in order. So they just used them somewhat randomly. Also, some serial number plates that had quality problems or got scratched were never used. The only way to positively identify the production date is to ask MM. They can type the serial number into their computer and get the date of production. I have these for my guitars below. You can see that although my serial numbers are in different ranges, all the guitars turned out to be from 1995 with the Natural and Sunburst models being two of the last ones built at the end of September 1995 when they ceased production. It makes sense that the ones that are like new would be from 1995 as once people realized they were going away they started collecting them. Peavey puts the Wolfgang serial numbers in the headstock as they produce them so they would not have this problem with serial numbers out of order.

EVH Guitar For Sale

I never thought I’d sell it, but I need to buy something else. I don’t really want to part with it, but I have a feeling there is another Van Halen fan out there who plays guitar and would appreciate it even more than I do. This one has just been carefully put away since I first bought it, and rarely comes out to show to friends. It really deserves a nice glass-front display case to hang on a wall in a rec-room or den.

It is a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top in mint condition. I bought it from Legends In Time Memorabilia, Inc. in Vancouver in March of 2000. It was signed by Van Halen in 1996 when they were together making the Best Of Van Halen album.

It has no scratches, no dings, no chips, nothing.

It is signed by Edward Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth. All signatures were made in black Sharpie marker, and all are pristine and haven’t been touched. The guitar was played once for two songs at a small show by my friend Doug. He is an experienced and accomplished musician and he said he thoroughly enjoyed playing it. He said it was one of the nicest set-up guitars of its breed he has ever picked up and just jammed on.

I wouldn’t recommend playing a signed guitar, at least not very often. The major value includes the pristine signatures, no doubt about it.

It includes the orginal Cerificate of Authenticity issued by the Universal Autograph Collectors Club. I’ll also include a padded cordura-nylon Baxstage gig bag with it, to help in shipping it. I’ll have my local guitar shop help me pack it for shipping, just to make sure it travels to you exactly the way it is now.

There are not many EVH Guitar For Sale guitars out there signed by the original Van Halen crew, and few that I have seen on a guitar as nice as this one. Asking price is $2950, but willing to negotiate.

EVH Guitar

The Van Halen Brown Sound is one of the most sought after sounds in Rock guitar.. Many have the opinion that we at have nailed the tone, and we prove that on the countless Van Halen-style based guitar lesson example tracks that we produce for our Van Halen-style guitar lessons, in particular our popular “Vh’izing Cover Songs” & “Vh’izing Original Songs” online guitar lesson series’.

All that said, the Van Halen Brown Sound is a key element and obvious first step in sounding like Eddie Van Halen. Let me first say that you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive equipment or even have exactly what Eddie uses to get a really good VH Brown sound. Just some basic equipment and some common sense analysis of what the Brown Sound actually is should be all you need. Through some song examples (see right side of this page) and some basic EQ formulas I’m going to share some tips with you here on this page for dialing in a good Brown Sound. I’m going to keep this page very simple and to the point, you can elaborate on your own.

Now as a disclaimer let me just say that the best I can do is offer you how I get the sound and ask you to keep in mind that there are many variables that affect one’s guitar tone such as, the climate you live in, the strings you’re using, the room you play in, yada yada the list goes on and on. Any settings I give are simply suggestions and should be used as a “GUIDELINE” only. Some tweaking of these settings will more than likely be required on your part. With that, let’s begin. Also for those of you not familiar with my work at over the past decade or my work in the entertainment industry over the past 2 decades there are a few song (mp3) links from Van Halen-style guitar lesson content as proof of concept examples in the Vh-style song tracks section on the right hand side of this page.

Be sure to check out the Van Halen-style based guitar lessons on my main website. In those lessons I teach you the style so that you can actually play like Eddie Van Halen, and hopefully incorporate some of his style into your own music and innovate off of it ideally. It’s not about actual Van Halen songs and you just playing VH covers, it’s about the style. As we’ve been proving for more than a decade at, the Van Halen guitar style a great learning tool, it stands on its own and can be used to make your whammy bar attack, riffs, and solos even more expressive.

What Is Eddie Van Halen’s Best Guitar Solo?

You could go back and forth for years trying to choose the best Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on any individual Van Halen album.

But to try to pick his best guitar solo ever? Damn near impossible.

But we want you to give it a shot!

With decades of Van Halen music to choose from, covering different eras and lineups and a brand-new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, the options are almost limitless. Do you prefer the work of the young, raw Edward? The middle-period, short-haired version? Or the modern-day version who’s tearing up North American stages as we speak?

Regardless of your choice, there’s one thing most people can agree on: He changed the face of rock guitar playing forever.

Please take the poll below and let your voice be heard. Thanks for voting!

EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar

An instrument that is the result of a lifetime obsession for perfection.
The EVH Wolfgang electric guitar represents 2 years of intense research and development, and a year of brutal testing on the road. With every aspect examined and upgraded to the highest standards, the EVH Wolfgang has been produced to Eddie’s exact specifications and has features identical to the Wolfgang guitars he records and performs with. The EVH Wolfgang includes a distinctive double-cutaway body with an arched AA maple top on a lightweight basswood back, a quartersawn single-piece AA bird’s-eye maple neck fitted with stainless steel frets, double-potted custom-wound guitar pickups, five-piece binding on the matching body and headstock, custom-made signature tuning machines, Floyd Rose double-locking trem with the patented EVH D-Tuna drop-D tuning system, and Bourns low-friction pots.

Another distinctive Eddie-mod is the 3-way pickup toggle wired in reverse: the up position (normally the neck pickup) is the bridge pickup, down (normally the bridge) is the neck pickup.

EVH Wolfgang Special Electric Guitar


Years in the making from Eddie Van Halen guitars, the EVH Wolfgang Special features a flat AA maple top with 5-piece binding, a basswood core, and a quartersawn maple neck that is reinforced with two graphite rods. The AA bird’s-eye maple fingerboard has a 12″ to 16″ compound radius and is dressed with stainless steel vintage-size frets that are practically indestructible. The frets on the EVH Wolfgang Special electric guitar are super resistant to wear spots, nicks and dings, and provide for smooth feel and bending action that doesn’t wear out.

Custom-designed EVH humbucking pickups are hard-mounted to the body and are wired to Bourns low-friction pots. These custom designed volume and tone controls are available only on the EVH Wolfgang guitars.

The EVH Floyd Rose tremolo unit is the first ever signature Floyd Rose tremolo bridge. It was exclusively designed for the EVH Wolfgang Special guitar and comes with the EVH D-Tuna that lets you instantly go to a drop-D tuning. EVH chrome Gotoh tuners with pearl buttons are built exclusively for the Wolfgang guitar.

The Eddie Van Halen guitar has a thin skin finish that allows for the inherent tone and resonance of the wood to dominate the overall sound of the guitar. Unpainted body cavities allow for the wood to naturally breath and age, further adding to the character and quality of tone in this magnificent electric guitar.

Exclusively to the EVH Wolfgang guitar is its custom-made molded SKB case. It is durable, lightweight and compact. With plush lining, TSA-approved latches and Eddie’s trademark stripes in 3D, your Wolfgang electric guitar will be well protected on the road and in the air for decades to come.

The EVH Wolfgang guitar is built in Japan to Eddie Van Halen’s exact specs and has every single feature of the Wolfgang guitars he himself plays onstage and in the studio. It’s exactly what he uses.