Frankenstein Guitar Black White

n 1984, Van Halen was the most popular rock band in the world. Not only had Eddie secured himself a legendary reputation as one of the most important guitarists of all time, but he had also secured a legendary design with his red, black & white striped Frankenstein of a guitar. In 1983, the legend of that stripe design was further cemented into pop culture by his endorsement relationship with Kramer guitars. It was during this time that Ed replaced the Fender Strat neck that he had previously used on the Frankenstein, with a Kramer Pacer neck. The official Frankenstein replica, built by Fender, contains a replica of the original Fender Strat neck, of course. I chose to make my replica with the Kramer Pacer neck, because I feel that it represents a more historic moment in the history of this legendary guitar.

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